CBT Testimonials

Due to the confidential nature of the work carried out with individuals and organisations, some clients have asked to remain anonymous within a public forum. However should any individual or group wish to contact any of the clients below, permission has been granted by them for contact details to be given for individual verification. Please ask Margaret directly for same.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Testimonials:

  • “I cannot give enough praise and thanks to Margaret for helping me work through a few major issues in my life. She is such a good listener but not just that she really challenges you to think differently and find a healthier way of dealing with the difficulties in your life. I highly recommend this very gifted and very nice lady.” Versoix
  • “A fabulous Cognitive Behavioural Therapist has recently arrived in the Canton de Vaud. Margaret Curran is brilliant and she makes you feel very comfortable from the start. I found her methods enabled quick insight into where the root of problems lie. She provides you with the tools to enable you to find a happier place and a more positive and healthier way of thinking. I was impressed at how much time she dedicated to me and that if I had questions when I left she answered me quickly. I have personally been looking for someone with this approach for a while in Switzerland, especially English-speaking and I am very happy that Margaret is now able to provide this service.” Prangins
  • “I’m Cured! and all thanks to Margaret! I’ve always been a bit shy but recently things had been getting worse. More and more situations were causing me stress and anxiety. I knew that it made no sense to be anxious about such trivial things, but I didn’t seem to be able to think my way out of it. Then I discovered Margaret! With the CBT techniques we were able to get to the bottom of this totally illogical problem. Once we understood what the problem was it was simply a matter of a bit of  ‘homework’ to work on the issues. Not only was it not too difficult to face up to the problems, it was actually fun doing the homework! Within a matter of days I was stress free for the biggest obstacles and after 2 weeks nothing was too big of a challenge! Margaret has a wonderful way of helping you describe problems in a stress free way and to help you find the root cause of the problems”. Vevey
  • “I would highly recommend Margaret Curran for her friendly and professional nature. She makes you feel comfortable in a safe environment, challenging your negative thinking and replacing it with a healthier way of dealing with things. She has an honest, no-nonsense approach with compassion and understanding for the person sitting in front of her.” Nyon
  • “My 11 year old attended Margaret for CBT. He was struggling with settling and integration into a new school and country, following a move from abroad. Margaret was recommended to us by a previous client of hers. Our visits to Margaret had an immediate effect, not just on my son but on me also. She helped him to understand his feelings and gave him coping strategies to deal with the changes in his life. She helped me to understand his behaviour and the reasons behind it and gave me guidance on how to deal with him and react to him. We saw improvement after the first session and after three sessions our son is learning how to adapt and cope better. Margaret is insightful, knowledgeable and very professional. I would highly recommend her”. Co Louth.
  • “Margaret has worked as a mediator with my son and my husband. She helped them explore their feelings, behaviours, beliefs (rational and irrational) and has helped both of them develop strategies to help cope with life’s challenges and frustrations in a healthy way.  They are both individually much happier and coping better with stress and anxiety. As a result of this the whole family has benefited with far less rows and much better communication”. Dublin
  • “CBT with Margaret is like waking up from a coma. For years, I had existed. I had sleep-walked through life, deliberately supressing my emotions because I feared my ability to manage them. In my effort to supress potential sadness or loneliness I had also missed out on the joy of feeling real happiness – I had never allowed my heart to soar. Margaret helped me to unlock those feelings and taught me the techniques to manage both the highs and lows. Margaret brought me back to life and I cannot thank her enough”. Co Meath
  • “I am sixteen years of age and have suffered with anxiety since I became a teenager. I stopped going out, meeting my friends and just being a usual teenager. I was conscious all the time of what all my friends thought of me that I thought it would be easier just to avoid them and stay home. My life was miserable! Then my mam said that she had found someone that she heard was really good at working with teenagers and would I go and talk to her.

    I was very reluctant to talk to anyone, even my parents, but I was also very miserable so I gave it a try. I am so delighted I did. Margaret has changed my life! She was so easy to talk to. She understood teenagers and all the pressures there are. She helped me talk about all that was going in my life. She helped me understand what was causing me to feel and behave the way I was and has helped me to change what I think about myself and my life. I am so much happier. I am a teenager again but a much happier one”. Louise, Dublin
  • “I actually owe my life to Margaret.  I am serious. She saved me from ending it all. During sessions with her I came to realise that I have more control over things than I believed I had. I found out for the first time that I am not a worthless individual and that I have so much to offer the world. I learned to accept myself and those around me and found a reason to want to live as long as I possibly can so that I can experience all the world has to offer me. Thank you Margaret.” Co Monaghan.
  • “If you want a life again, just go to Margaret. The most amazing person I have ever had the pleasure to meet”. Alan, Dublin
  • “Panic attacks had taken over my life. I was a slave to my anxiety. Margaret gave me back the joy I once had about going out and travelling. I am no longer a slave to panic and now I won’t stay at home!! I am even going to Australia this November. The world is my oyster thanks to this woman”. Co Wicklow.
  • “After just four sessions with Margaret I was feeling alive again. That’s how good she is even though she says I did the work. Without her I would still be on the floor with my depression. Thanks again Margaret. You are a life saver!” Joyce
  • “Margaret helps you understand yourself and why you feel and act the way you do. I am 15yrs and was bullied at school. I felt isolated and angry that this was happening to me. I cut myself off from my family and friends and just wanted to stay in my room all the time. To be honest I didn’t want to go and talk to anyone but when Mam persuaded me to just go and see her once I immediately wanted to go back to her.

    She is so understanding and easy to talk to though she does give homework! She just knows what is going on for you. She helped me to accept myself and to work on what I had control over and not to bother with what I had no control over. I am so much happier. I have friends now that are really my friends and not just the ‘cool’ gang I wanted to be with. Margaret is the best.” Joanne, Dublin“I ended up getting thrown out of school and very nearly out of my house because of my anger. Margaret helped me deal with this. She helped me calm down, look at things from others point of view and to stop thinking that I could control everyone and everything. I am now in a course which I really like and things are so much calmer at home.” Declan Co Louth

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