Child & Adolescent

The challenges faced by children and adolescents can be hard. They, for many reasons, may opt to trying to cope with them alone.

Complex emotions, negative thoughts, not wanting to worry their parents by talking about it , peer pressure not to look weak and an overall sense of hopelessness can lead to some really lonely times for young people. At the same time, many parents are at a loss to know what to do for them.

I work with people of all ages and walks of life but am recognised nationally in Ireland as being an expert in child and adolescent Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. I have assisted young people in coping with a range of problems including: anxiety, depression, family breakup and separation, obsessive compulsive disorder, bereavement, change, bullying, physical, mental and sexual abuse.

These are complex issues for any young person but I hope that my skills and extensive experience in this field can help them to make significant progress in a matter of six to eight sessions.

For Parents…

I also specialise in teaching and coaching parents in the skills needed to deal with the challenges facing their children and adolescents. My training and individual coaching sessions can help you learn how to support your child through their problems.

Remember, parenting is an ever ending changing job with no in-service!

Whatever challenge your children are facing, contact Margaret to see how she can better equip you to cope and deal with it.

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