For Parents

Helping your children to survive and thrive as they move from childhood to adolescence and into adulthood can be challenging for even the most patient and experienced person.

However, parents often forget that asking for help is no shame. If you didn’t know how to fit shelves in your home, you’d look up a DIY manual, check the internet or ask a friend for help. Why is it any different in parenthood? You are learning on the job and the needs of children will vary based on their age and circumstances. Parenting is a challenging, ever changing job with no in-service!!

I deliver a range of training programmes and individual coaching sessions especially for parents to help them improve their parenting skills and to help them guide their children through to adulthood:

  • Surviving the Parenting Years
  • Managing Challenging Behaviour
  • Help Your Child to Cope with Change
  • The Anxious Child, How to Help
  • Low Frustration Tolerance, it’s Impact on Behaviour and How to Manage it

Whichever option you choose, contact Margaret and discover how her skills can help you.  

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