Corporate Support Options

I recognise that the welfare of staff is of the utmost importance to companies and organisations. When members of your team are thinking rationally and healthily they are normally feeling good about themselves and their lives and you have a happier and more focused workforce. I offer support to companies to help them achieve this status for their staff. This support takes the form of individual one to one work or training in the areas below.

  • Staff Think Healthy Training Programme, This is geared towards helping people to think in a more healthy way. It aims to reduce and then eliminate the impact of destructive thinking. It provides them with tools and skills to manage the challenges in their lives, to have reasonable expectations of themselves, others and life and to be less destructive in how they view themselves and those around them.
  • Staff Welfare Programmes: including individual work and group training,
  • Return to Work: Individual Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to enable the successful transition from long term absence to the working environment,
  • Multi-National Supports: Change adjustment for individuals and families


These corporate support & training services are available across the Vaud region of Switzerland. Contact Margaret today for more information on this and other programmes that are available to your workforce.

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