Dealing with Anxiety

Anxiety can be a crippling emotion for many people affecting both their lives on both an emotional and physical level. Mental health professionals have witnessed a large increase in the number of people suffering from anxiety and have noted the alarming increase in children presenting with anxiety and panic.

Behaviours such as avoidance, panic and terror can be totally incapacitating affecting the social and professional lives of many who suffer from it. Anxiety knows no bounds and impacts people of all ages and backgrounds.

This one day workshop is aimed at people who work with people suffering from anxiety. Using CBT principles it will outline the beliefs and thinking associated with it and provide skills to challenge the unhealthy thinking and replace it with the healthy alternative.

Participants will be skilled in the ability to teach their client group how to understand where the anxiety is coming from and provide them with tools to challenge their irrational thinking, thus providing them with a healthier response to the events in their lives that trigger their anxiety and panic.


  • CBT principles in relation to anxiety.
  • Disputation of irrational beliefs associated with anxiety and panic.
  • Techniques in addressing the detrimental behaviours associated with anxiety.
  • The use of homework in consolidating healthier alternatives to anxiety.

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