Dealing with Depression

It is rare to find a family these days that is not or has not been adversely affected by depression. The ‘silent killer’ has been one headline dedicated to the behavioural consequences of depression. CBT is highly rated as a very effective psychotherapy in dealing with depression.

This workshop is aimed at professionals working with depression. It will provide them with the CBT tools to recognise the irrational thinking attached to depression, dispute this thinking and replace it with the healthier alternative. It will also look at the importance of homework in strengthening the clients ability to challenge and change their own thinking.


  • CBT principles in relation to depression.
  • The impact of previous emotional disturbances in triggering depression.
  • Disputation of irrational beliefs associated with depression.
  • Techniques in addressing the detrimental behaviours associated with depression.
  • The use of homework in consolidating healthier alternatives to depression.

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